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Seed Escalator

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Whenever you move seed, damaging that seed is a big concern.

That’s why you need The Seed Escalator. It is a paddle conveyor system inspired by Elmer Schettler, an Iowa seedsman, developed and tested by a leading Midwestern agricultural university.

The Seed Escalator not only does far less damage than transport auger systems, it increases your seed moving capacity at a fraction of the horsepower of most pneumatic conveyors.

“We just recently received the processed data back from the computer on the elevator damage study… the auger versus the flight elevator systems… there is a very marked difference in the amount of damage inflicted by the two elevator systems. The auger increased not only the percent debris but the percentage of damaged seed present… while the flight elevator system showed little increase in damage seed present… we feel you have a superior elevating system…”

No seedsman should move seed any other way.
Think of the benefits!

Some of the features of the Seed Escalator:

Given the test results mentioned above, there’s no doubt why you need The Seed Escalator. It comes in 24’ and 54’ lengths, so it’s easily adapted to your particular seed handling situations. It is high capacity, able to move up to 3000 bushes per hour and yet has low power requirements. It is long wearing so it will last for years and years. Powered by an electric motor or tractor hydraulics, it is extremely mobile. The Seed Escalator is the paddle conveyor system seedsmen have been waiting for.